Self storage prices

Find out how much it costs to use our self storage solution and what is included in the price.

Image of 2 storage professionals providing an affordable self storage solution to a customer

How much does self storage cost?

Use our calculator below to get an estimate of how much it would cost you to store your items with Kelly’s each week.

Select how much storage space you need

35 sq ft

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Cost per week:

What is included in our self storage prices?

The self storage price we quote covers more than just storage – it includes extra features for your peace of mind!

Secure storage facility

Our storage warehouse has you covered: 24/7 CCTV & restricted access for safe, secure belongings!

Easy access

Your containers, safely stored in our warehouse, are accessible anytime with just 48 hours notice needed!

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The cost of self storage

Our self storage prices are in your hands, so you can tailor our solution based on your requirements and budget!

Size of storage

As we use storage containers, the number of these you need to store your furniture and items will impact your storage costs.

Collection option

Choose from 3 collection options in our mobile self storage solutions, tailored to fit your needs and budget!