Looking after our community: A heart-felt testimonial

Looking after a community

If you have been following Kelly’s for a while, you have probably realised that we really do care about our local community and do what we can to help in whatever situation possible. From our charity work to the little things we do to make people feel important. 


In short, Kelly’s Care. We really do.


This week we have a bit of a special story for you. One that is very close to our hearts.


We would like to introduce you to Montserrat.


Montserrat is a lovely lady that is originally from Spain but has been living in Farnham for the last decade. As you will see in the video, Montserrat went through a very tough time in her life!


It was during this transition that Montserrat was introduced to Kelly’s. We listened to her story and it really resonated with us so we did what we could to help.


Click here to watch the video (and have a look at the Paella!) and let us know what you think?


Montserrat is the founder of a company that specialises in cooking such amazing dishes. You can find her on Facebook right here:


“Montserrat: A Taste of Spain”


We hope you check out her page and order one of those amazing dishes!


Montserrat, thank you for coming to Kelly’s and letting us help you. We are so happy that we could help and that you are now back on your feet and doing well!


The Kelly’s Team.

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