Furniture storage can sometimes be a nightmare to prepare and organise the logistics for. Simultaneously, storing furniture, whether that be bedroom furniture, living room furniture, or even outdoor garden furniture, is a very popular option, and it is easy to see why.


It is a common activity within various circumstances, such as moving home, decluttering, downsizing, moving abroad, and many more. 


For this reason, we wanted to detail the options for storing your furniture so you can make the best choice for your situation. 


We will look at several options for storing your furniture, including how Kelly’s Storage operates our mobile self storage service for furniture. With this service, we also come to your location and collect your items, so you never have to leave your home (more on that later in the article).

1. Cost of storing furniture in a self storage facility

So, if you are like most people, you would have probably begun looking at your furniture storage options by Googling “furniture storage near me” or “furniture storage solutions” correct? 


The above terms are common ways people search. Doing this, though, you may have found a tonne of options presented to you? 


Options such as “Furniture Storage – Get 50% OFF For Up To 8 Weeks” or “Cheap Furniture Storage – First Month Free” and more like these? 


But what are you actually getting? What is included in the price? Let’s take a look. 

Cost of furniture storage based on location

The cost of furniture storage will most likely vary based on the location of the storage unit facility. So what do you need to consider when it comes to the location of the storage facility and your storage unit? 

Cost of storage in London vs storage outside of London

First and foremost, if you are looking to store your furniture and household items in the London area, you must be prepared to pay more. This is mainly because storage facilities within London will be naturally paying higher rents and so must compensate for that within their prices. If you are fortunate enough to store outside of the capital, you may find the prices being to come down. 


Secondly, you must consider the additional costs associated with getting your furniture into storage based on your location.

The cost of hiring a van to get to a self storage location

If you are to use a traditional self storage facility, you will have to hire a van from a third party in most cases to pack your items into and transport them to the facility. With this comes the addition of fuelling the van before you return it to the storage company. 


Yes, you can get deals from some storage providers in which they will supply a van when you commit to a given time in storage, but it is still an additional cost and commitment to consider. 

The cost of security for your storage unit

You will be expected to purchase any additional padlocks etc to ensure your storage unit is secure. While it is true that all facilities do have CCTV 24/7, they do not always have a large number of staff members on-site, especially during the night. 

Travelling to the storage facility

Most storage facilities will require you to travel to the storage facility from your location. This means you must consider the cost in fuel and the cost in time and effort, which is serious consideration too, lets see why below.


Let’s say you are moving your three-bedroom house into storage for a few weeks. You will start by needing to make a few trips back and forth to the facility; this means loading up the van, driving there, unloading into the storage space, returning to your location, and repeating the process until everything has been moved. 


You will then have to repeat the process on the way out into your new location a few weeks later. 

2. Cost of the complete furniture storage process

So if we were to look a the actual costs of the entire storage process from start to finish, we would see that whilst there are many “face value” deals such as “Furniture Storage – Get 50% Off For Up To 8 Weeks” these do not consider everything else that we have just discussed above regarding the logistics of getting everything into and back out of storage. 


The costs you are likely to incur:


  • Weekly storage cost
  • Insurance cost
  • Padlocks and personal security costs
  • Van rental cost
  • Van refuel cost


Then, as we discussed, the addition of the added time and effort needed, especially if you are storing a lot of items.


As we will see below, Kelly’s Storage assists in whatever transitionary period one may be going through by removing the extra effort needed to get your items into storage. We do this with our flagship mobile self storage service. 

3. Cost of furniture storage with Kelly's mobile self storage

Kelly’s Storage not only operates a traditional self storage service, where you can bring items into our storage facility, load up your storage unit, and then drive off, but we also offer mobile self storage services. 

This truly takes the logistics and headache out of storage and can save you money and time during your transition. 

How it works

We start by bringing our storage units in our purpose built mobile trailers to your location. 

We can then load all of your furniture into the storage units for you, so you never have to lift a finger. Alternatively we can leave the storage unit in the mobile trailer at your location for you to load yourself

We then take everything back to our storage facility where it is stored until you need to access it or have it returned. 

When you are ready, we shall then redeliver your items back to your location with just seven days’ notice, where we can unload for you again into the property (or leave the storage unit with you as before).

The costs you will incur?

  • Weekly storage charge 
  • Weekly insurance charge 
  • Collection of your goods 
  • Loading of your goods (optional)


The above along with the fact that you do not have to leave your home or do any heavy lifting to get your furniture into storage, is why we have seen a rise in the number of people using our mobile self storage service. 


Click here to get a quote today. 

4. How will you store your furniture?

So, how will you store your furniture?


If you have friends who can help you move or you own a van, then the former route of using a traditional self storage facility may be for you. If, on the other hand, you would require some additional help and would like a hassle-free route of storing your furniture at a storage facility, then Kelly’s Storage can definitely help!


To get an instant price for your specific circumstances, simply get a free quote from us today or call us on 0800 1077 250.

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